Where to Find My IEB Matric Results

IEB Matric Results 2022

There are many ways to access your IEB Matric results:

  • Online
  • Your Cell Phone
  • Your School


IEB website:

You can register to view your results on the IEB website as soon as the results are released. 

Register at:

To register you will need:

  • Your Exam Number
  • Your Birth Date

Once you have registered, you will be able to log on as soon as the results are released to view them. 


The IEB Matric results will also be made available for you to view on the News24 website. 

Sign up to view them at:

Your Cell Phone: 

IEB SMS line:

If the IEB has been provided with your cell phone number, you will automatically receive your results via SMS when they are released. 

If the IEB has not been provided with your cell phone number, here is how you can register to receive your results via SMS:

  • Open a new SMS in your phone
  • The message you type should read: Results (your exam number) (your date of birth yyyymmdd) 
  • Send this SMS to 35135
  • You will receive a notification that your registration has been successful
  • Your results will be sent to you when they are released

Note: this SMS will cost R3. Free SMSes do not apply. 

Your School: 

Matric results are always made available to be viewed and collected from your school. Contact your school’s administration to find out what day you will be able to collect your results. 

Where to find my IEB matric results?

Matric results are expected to be released on the 23rd of February 2021.  

Here is how you can find your IEB matric results: 

  • Log on to the IEB website 
  • Towards the release date of your results, register for the IEB SMS line.
  • Pick up your results from your high school. 

Independent Examinations Board (IEB) matric results 2021


IEB Students can log on to the IEB website to access their results.

IEB SMS line

IEB Learners can provide the IEB with your phone number and on the day of the results, they will send an SMS.  You register for this service by sending an SMS to 35135, including your ID number and exam number.

NB: Each SMS costs R3

Pick up at school

Go to your school on the day the results are released and collect them in person.  Make sure you contact your school to find out if you can fetch your results on the day they are released.

IEB 2020 Matric Results Released

The 2020 IEB Matric Results have been released. The IEB averaged a total of 98.07% for their matric finals. 

Although the pass rate for 2020 was lower than in 2019, the IEB matriculants were still able to stay within the same 98 percentile range. This is an incredible achievement for the IEB with all the school days that were missed due to COVID-19. 

The pandemic and fewer school days have not seemed to make much of an impact on the IEB matric results of 2020. Whilst this is the lowest that we have seen the IEB matric results for some time, the IEB pass rate has not dropped below 98% for over 10 years.  

  • 88.42% of IEB matrics from the year 2020 achieved Bachelor’s Degree passes: This is slightly lower than the 89.51% of BD passes in 2019.
  • 8.14% of the 2020 IEB matrics achieved a diploma pass. In 2019, the number of diploma passes were lower at 7.91%. 
  • 1.51% of the IEB class of 2020 achieved higher certificate passes. 1.4% of the IEB matrics of 2019 received a higher certificate pass.

 IEB 2020 Matric Results Achievements

Jan Badenhorst, CEO of Matric College takes us through the IEB Matric Results released today, 19 February 2021.

Author: Chloe Bydawell 
Editor: Chloe Bydawell 
Date Published: February, 2, 2022

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