How To Prepare For Exams With Loadshedding

Exam preparation is challenging enough without load shedding, but it might become even more so. We have created a survival guide for you if you are wondering how to study for examinations while load shedding is in effect. Make use of these suggestions to stay on top of your studies and prevent being caught off guard.

What To Do Before Loadshedding

You must be certain that you are prepared for load-shedding. This will prevent you from being completely in the dark when you finish an assignment that is due the next day or study for an exam. Plan ahead to avoid getting behind.

Follow Loadshedding Schedules

Get the load-shedding app or go to the website to keep up with the program. You will be able to determine the level your neighborhood is on and the time the lights will go out thanks to this. You can organize your study time around it. Additionally, it will allow you to charge all of your equipment in advance.

Make Sure Your Work Is Saved Online

Most people these days want to keep their work online. This is a fantastic method to consolidate all of your work in one location and free up space on your PC. However, during load shedding, you will not be able to learn in this manner. It is a wonderful idea to print or save the notes you require offline. By doing this, you will be able to keep working even if your battery runs out or the wifi goes down.

Buy A Powerbank

Sometimes there are sudden power outages. If you can, invest in a power bank to avoid being surprised. In case of a sudden power outage, keep it close by and charged. This will let you continue studying without too much stress by giving you access to your notes and flashlight.

Get A Routine Suitable For Loadshedding

It will be best for you to change your routine according to the schedule of load-shedding. Although, you will have to change that routine on a daily basis because each day will have a different schedule for load-shedding. It might be a bit tough, but this will help you have the ability to still study effectively. 

Be Sure To Make Notes 

Technology has made it easier for you to make notes on your phone, but it would be best to do so on paper or print them out. This will result in you having easy access to your notes at all times, especially during load-shedding. You will be relieving yourself from stress, as you will not have to worry about your phones’ battery dying. By writing your notes, you will be making it easier for yourself to remember and understand your work.

Try Studying During The Day

Utilize daylight hours to study. If the weather is nice, you can relocate your workstation close to a window or study outside. This will prevent you from starting your study session in the dark before you even begin.

Spend Your Time Wisely 

Studying during load-shedding or under a flashlight and candle, might be uncomfortable. Use that time wisely and revise the work that you have already studied. This will help you memorise your work easily and study without feeling pressured. 

Be Organised During Loadshedding

If you do not want top study during load-shedding, there are other ways that you can be productive. You can use that time to prepare for your next study session. Getting organised can benefit you in many ways, regarding your studies. 

Tidy Up Your Room 

Even though, load-shedding is in process, you can still use the flashlight of your phone to clean your room. This will help time go by faster and you will then have a neat and clean study environment. By the time that the electricity goes on, you will be able to jump into your studies immediately. 

Get Your Books Organised 

You can also use this time to get your books, notes and stationery in order. Having your notes in order will make it easier for you to find them when the time comes. This will help you reduce your stress levels and anxiety, as well as study confidently. Once the electricity goes back on, you will know exactly where everything is and continue with studying. 

List Your Study Goals 

You can use the time to think about your goals regarding studying. This is the same as creating a study schedule, you can write down which subjects or topics requires more of your time and attention. This could be a great chance for you to think about ways in which you could improve in certain areas . 

Know When To Relax

An important part of exam preparation, is relaxation and sleep. If you take care of yourself, your academic performance will increase. Take the time during load-shedding to do some self-care. 

Get The Proper Amount Of Sleep 

Make sure that each night you get the proper amount of sleep, which is 8 hours. It is important that you do not spend all night studying, you could take a nap during load-shedding. 

Try Doing Something Fun

It is okay to still have fun, even though exams are coming up. Load-shedding does not mean the end of the world, you can take that time to listen to music or go outside with your friends. Use the time to put your books aside and give yourself a break. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Loadshedding can disrupt learning and teaching. Majority of schools does not have enough funding to get a generator. This could serve as a distraction to learners and their learning capacity. 

Yes, it does affect online learning. When load-shedding occurs, students will not access to the internet. This is a problem because students might miss out on lessons and miss their due dates for task and assignments.

Yes, there is a possibility that loadshedding will stop in the 2030. This is because of the lack of a backup power supply plan coming from the government.

Loadshedding started in April 2008. This started so that the government could maintain periods of the power generators, as well as allow them to save coal before winter.

Author: Arusha Fisher
Editor: Megan Dreyer
Published Date: November 1, 2022

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