Best Job Websites In South Africa

Searching for a job in South Africa can be tough and time consuming, but we are here to help you save time. This is where you will find the best job websites in South Africa. The hunt can now begin directly from the source, no more wasting data.

The Top 10 Job Search Websites

Nobody likes sharing their email address, especially if doing so would result in them receiving spam emails from more than ten websites. However, you need not fear because we have listed the best 10 job search engines in South Africa.

These are the top 10 job search engines in South Africa: 

Tips On How To Make Use Of Job Search Engines

In the beginning, especially if you are new to job searching, using job search engines can be scary. However, there are a few things that you must bring to every job site. These are your resume, cover letter, and contact details.

Here are 10 tips that can help you when job hunting:

  • Refresh your resume
  • Make sure your cover letter and resume are up-to-date
  • Prepare yourself for anything
  • Show kindness to everyone.
  • You should apply for positions for which you are not qualified for
  • Send confirmation emails
  • Maintain a list of the positions you’ve applied for
  • Familiarise yourself with job terminology 
  • Request informative interviews
  • Take care of your online reputation

South Africa's Best Online Recruiters

You might know about recruitment agencies and offices. Online recruiters today are the same. The recruiters receive your resume, cover letter, and employment preferences before going out and looking for positions on your behalf. Here are a few instances of online recruiters you can make use of in South Africa:

  • Afrizan 
  • Elite Talent 
  • Boss Jansen 
  • Robert Walters 
  • Jack Hammer
  • Key Recruitment
  • Mindcor 
  • Quest 
  • Executive Placements 
  • Exceutive Online 

Why Online Recruiters Are Beneficial

How may you benefit from online recruiters for your career? Online recruiters take the worry out of waiting for firms to contact you by submitting your CV to possible employers. Here is a few of the many benefits of using a online recruiter in South Africa.

  • Cost-effective: All recruiters charge varying fees, although some are free. Therefore, you won’t need to spend any of your own money.
  • Simple Procedure: You don’t have to sign lengthy contracts in order to work with a recruiter. The process can be completed in less than five minutes if you have all the necessary information.
  • Faster Recruitment Process: Due to the recruiters’ high level of reputation, companies are more likely to take their recommendations seriously, which accelerates the interview process.

Job Boards: What Are They?

Online job boards are venues where employers post job openings that they have at their companies. Access to all employment boards are simple. They are accessible through social networking sites like Facebook and even some job search engines.

The Advantages Of Job Boards

  • Writing services for your cover letter and resume 
  • Tips on how to build your resume 
  • They offer more job listings 
  • Tips on how to find a job online 
  • Automatic online job notifications 
  • You will not look for recruiters, but they will come looking for you 

Which Job Board Is Used The Most

The job board that is used the most is Indeed. Since 2004, Indeed has been helping people find jobs. Indeed is now one of the largest job websites in the world, with over 250 million users per month and with about 10 job listings being added every second. 

Frequently asked Questions

  • Chartered Accountant 
  • Specialist Doctors 
  • Architect 
  • Actuarial Scientists 
  • Management Consultant 
  • Judges 
  • Lawyers 
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Admin (Reservation and Ticketing Clerk) 
  • Admin (Teller and Cashier) 
  • Admin (Data Capturing) 
  • Admin (Swithboard and Reception) 
  • Sales (Telesales and Telemarketing) 
  • Admin (Client and Customer Support) 
  • Admin (Admin Clerk) 
  • Sales (Travel Agent)
  • Admin (Messenger and Postal Service)
  • Manufacturing and Assembly (Plant and Systems Operator) 
  • Sales 
  • Software Development 
  • Information technology 
  • Business Management 
  • Languages 
  • High Finanace/ Banking 
  • Medicine/ Nursing 
  • Engineering 
  1. Make sure your resume matches the job description 
  2. Prepare well for the interview 
  3. Make a good impression during the interview 
  4. Find a connection for a job; through a family member or friend 
  5. Do research on the company
  6. Be sure to tell your story in the cover letter

Author: Arusha Fisher
Editor: Megan Dreyer
Published Date: November 1, 2022

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