Why matric certificate is important

A Matric Certificate is often one of the first things a potential employer looks for. Having a Matric Certificate is important to help you get better employment opportunities and to further your studies at a college or university. 

What Is A Matric Certificate?

A Matric Certificate is the school-leaving qualification students receive, in South Africa, at the end of their school year in high school. You can also get a Matric Certificate after completing an Adult Matric, which is for adults over the age of 21 who did not complete their high school education. 

Why Is It Important To Receive An NSC Qualification?

Your Matric Certificate is also known as your National Senior Certificate (NSC) for school Matric and Senior Certificate (Amended) (SC) for Adult Matric. It is important to get your Matric Certificate to help you get better employment opportunities as well as further your studies at a college or university. 

Jobs that require a Matric Certificate often pay more than jobs that do not require Matric. This means that you are more likely to be able to become financially stable if you have your Matric.

Why Should You Aim To Achieve A Bachelor’s Degree Pass?

One of the reasons you should aim to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree pass is because a Bachelor’s pass is the highest passing level in Matric. There are four passing levels, which are: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree pass
  • Diploma pass
  • Higher Certificate pass
  • NSC pass/Matric pass

Each pass has its own minimum requirements, the lowest requirements being for the Matric pass. A Bachelor’s Degree pass means that you are eligible to study certain Bachelor’s Degree courses at a university. 

Some Bachelor’s Degree courses have higher requirements, so remember to check with the university you are applying to about any additional requirements. 

Achieving a Bachelor’s Degree pass does not guarantee you entry into any Degree course, but it does give you a better chance of furthering your studies at any level.

What Is A Higher Certificate Pass?

A Higher Certificate pass is one passing level above a Matric pass. This means you are eligible to study a Higher Certificate course at a university, but not a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree course. This is the lowest passing level you can achieve and still get into a university. 

However, many universities will have their own entry requirements. Check with the university you are applying to about any additional or different entry requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Going To College After High School?

Furthering your education after high school gives you many more opportunities for better employment and better pay. The higher your education level, the more likely you are to be employed, and the more money you are able to earn. 

Which Certificate Is Equivalent To Matric?

Matric is NQF level 4. Any qualification at NQF level 4 is equivalent to Matric. Matric Equivalent qualifications are on the same educational level as Matric, but are structured differently to a Matric Certificate. 

NQF stands for National Qualifications Framework. This is a system that was designed by SAQA (the South African Qualifications Authority). This ensures that educational institutions and potential employers can easily know the educational level of your qualifications. 

What Happens If You Fail One Subject In Matric?

You can still pass Matric if you fail one subject, as long as you pass Life Orientation. You also cannot fail your Home Language subject or your Maths subject. However, if you fail these, there is an option to rewrite in May/June to improve those marks and pass those subjects. 

There is no rewrite option for Life Orientation, so you must pass Life Orientation in your Matric final exams to pass Matric. You can fail five subjects and be allowed to rewrite four of them. 

You may rewrite a maximum of four subjects. If you fail more than five subjects, you will not be allowed to rewrite. You will have to re-enrol for your Matric year and repeat it, or wait until you turn 21 to do a Matric Upgrade instead.

Is Matric Necessary?

No, Matric is not necessary. However, it greatly improves your ability to get better job opportunities and more stable career opportunities. 

What Can I Study Without Matric And Where?

There are many reputable distance learning colleges that offer courses that you can study without Matric. Examples of courses you can study without Matric are: 

  • ICB courses 
  • Short courses

ICB Courses

There are three ICB courses you can choose to study without Matric:

  • Business Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Office Administration

The ICB Business Management course requires you to have Grade 11 to apply. There are three levels in this course, beginning at Matric Equivalent level and going up to the Diploma level. 

The ICB Financial Accounting course requires you to have Grade 10 to apply. This course has four levels, beginning at Grade 11 equivalent level and going up to the Diploma level. 

The ICB course in Office Administration course requires you to have Matric or a Matric Equivalent to be able to apply. This course has three levels, beginning at the Higher Certificate level and going up to the Diploma level. 

The ICB Business Management and Financial Accounting courses both have a Matric Equivalent level. This means you could study either of these levels and then use it to apply for the ICB Office Administration course. 

ICB courses are accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) and QCTO (the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations). 

This means they are recognised by educational institutions and potential employers as formal qualifications. These qualifications are recognised both locally and internationally, and are highly regarded in South Africa because they teach scarce skills.

What Have We Learned?

  • Getting your Matric is important to have better employment prospects
  • Certificates at NQF level 4 are equivalent to a Matric qualification
  • It is important to aim for a Bachelor’s pass to have the best opportunities to further your studies after Matric
  • There are options available if you fail Matric
  • Matric is not necessary, but it is better to have it
  • There are many study opportunities available even if you failed Matric

Author: Chloe Bydawell 
Published by: Sive Ncanywa
Publish Date: June 27 ,2022

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