The June 2022 SC and NSC exam results have been released! 

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Matric Results 2021 - IEB

Matric Results 2021 – IEB

With the completion of the 2021 IEB (Independent Examination Board) Matric Examination, the announcement of results is coming closer. Find out all of the information needed with regards to your IEB results right here.

The IEB Pass Rate 2010 – 2021

For at least the last decade, the IEB has been able to maintain a matric pass rate within the 98 percentile range. Over the years it fluctuates up or down but always below 1%.

    • 2010: 98.38% pass rate
    • 2011: 98.15% pass rate
    • 2012: 98.20% pass rate
    • 2013: 98.56% pass rate
    • 2014: 98.38% pass rate
    • 2015: 98.30% pass rate
    • 2016: 98.67% pass rate
    • 2017: 98.76% pass rate
    • 2018: 98.92% pass rate
    • 2019: 98.82% pass rate
    • 2020: 98.07% pass rate

2021: Will be released on 21 January 2022

What You Need To Know

The IEB has noted that the effect Covid-19 has had on their examinations and the results will be visible for 2021, but they did not expect any major impacts. The IEB proudly announced that the measures put in place to soften the blow of the pandemic has made the 2021 examinations a smooth and manageable task. 

Here is all of the need to know information regarding the IEB Matric Examinations for 2021:

Important Dates For Your IEB Matric Examination And Results

The Independent Examination Board has confirmed the following dates applicable to the National Senior Certificate Examinations nationally:

  • Start of IEB Examination – 13 September 2021
  • End of IEB Examination – 2 December 2021
  • Umalusi Approval of Results Announcement – 18 January 2022
  • Release of Results – 19 January 2022

Where Will Results Be Announced?

A Spokesperson for the IEB, released the statement by the board in early January 2022 that the board would announce the national results for their examinations on the 19th of January 2022. The location and time of the announcement have yet to be confirmed but it is expected that the announcement will be done on the IEB website as well as other platforms used in the past.

How Will The Results Be Made Public?

In the statement released by the IEB on the 18th of January 2022, the board confirmed that they would keep with tradition and publish the results achieved by the class of 2021 on public media platforms, such as Newspapers. 

This is a clear contrast from the Department of Basic Education’s decision to not release results on these platforms due to possible overstepping of legal regulations set out in the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). The DBE announced this on the 11th of January 2022.

The IEB has however stated that only the results of students who expressly provided their consent to the board to publish their results on these platforms will be made public. If a student did not provide their consent to the IEB, their results would not be published and the student in question would have to get their results via one of the other release platforms.

How To Get Your 2021 IEB Examination Results

The following are the methods available to IEB students to get their results once they are released on the 19th of January 2022:

Physical Results Certificate

Students can get their results certificate directly from the school they attended. Once Umalusi has certified the results for IEB students, their certificates will be sent to the schools, after which schools will be able to hand out these certificates. This is expected to only be during April of this year.


Students can access their results after the official announcement of the 2021 results by visiting the IEB website.

SMS Service

If students provided their mobile numbers to the IEB, their results will be automatically sent to them upon release of the results. Students can still register to have their results sent to them via SMS by following these steps:

  • Step 1 – Send an SMS message to 35135
  • Step 2 – This message needs to contain the word ‘Results’ followed by your unique examination number, a space, and then your date of birth (yyyymmdd)
  • Step 3 – Your then will receive a message confirming your registration, and your results will be sent to your number upon release

SMS are charged at R3 per SMS.


In accordance with the IEB statement on the 18th of January 2022, students can find their results in their local Newspapers as approved by the IEB.

How The 2021 IEB Matric Results Were Affected By Covid-19

The IEB announced in early 2021 that due to the Covid-19 pandemic they were not going to have students write the traditional May/June Examinations. This was to ensure that the board had enough time to strategise their approach to the year-end examinations for 2021.

Upon the approval of results by Umalusi, which is expected on the 18th of January 2022, the IEB will announce the National Results obtained by the class of 2021 on the 19th of January 2022.

IEB Matric Results 2020

The IEB 2020 matric results have been released with a pass rate of 98.07%. IEB schools across the country proudly announced their top achievers.

The IEB Pass Rate Over The Years

For at least the last decade, the IEB has been able to maintain a matric pass rate within the 98 percentile range. Over the years it fluctuates up or down but always below 1%.

  • 2010: 98.38% pass rate
  • 2011: 98.15% pass rate
  • 2012: 98.20% pass rate
  • 2013: 98.56% pass rate
  • 2014: 98.38% pass rate
  • 2015: 98.30% pass rate
  • 2016: 98.67% pass rate
  • 2017: 98.76% pass rate
  • 2018: 98.92% pass rate
  • 2019: 98.82% pass rate
  • 2020: 98.07% pass rate

How to Find Your IEB Matric Results

If you have not yet been able to find your IEB matric results, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the IEB web-page here.
  2. Log in to the page using your examination number and date of birth 
  3. Select the ‘submit’ button
  4. You will now get your results 

Important Dates:

Here are a few important dates if you need to write supplementary exams, apply for remarking or rewrite your matric exams: 

  • 28 February 2021: Deadline for all online registration to write supplementary examinations in 2021.
  • 28 February 2021: Deadline to register for all matric rewrites or matric exams in 2021. 
  • 12 March 2021: Deadline to register to write supplementary exams in 2021
  • 26 March 2021: Deadline to apply for remarking of exams
  • May/June 2021: This is when the supplementary exams 2021 will take place.

Jan Badenhorst, CEO of Matric College takes us through the IEB Matric Results released today, 19 February 2021.

Top Achievers

The IEB Top Achievers were split into 2 categories:

  • Those students who achieved the top 5% in 6 or more subjects with a level 7 rating in LO
  • Those students who achieved the top 5% in 5 subjects and a rating of level  7 in LO

Students Who Achieved the Top 5% in 6 or More Subjects with a Level 7 Rating in Life Orientation

Congratulations to these top achievers: 

Ashton International College, Benoni 

  • Moodley; Yureshen 

Beaulieu College 

  • King; Michelle 

CBC St Aquinas, Boksburg 

  • Jacobs; Hermanus Richard 

Clifton School

  • Juggernath; Sahaan

Cornwall Hill College

  • Snel; Tiaan

Crawford College; La Lucia

  • Atkinson; Zahra
  • Koen; Laura
  • Mc Intosh; Adrian Donald

Crawford College; Lonehill

  • Mohammadi Ravari; Rozhin
  • Teuwen; Gilles Nicholas Alexander

Crawford College; North Coast

  • Naicker; Amera Raja
  • Naicker; Zenya Raja

Crawford International Ruimsig

  • Odendaal; Inge

Curro Klerksdorp

  • Ahmed; Maseeha

Curro Private School; Aurora

  • Krause; Nicole Elizabeth

Deutsche Schule; Hermannsburg

  • Tönsing; Paul Johann

Durban Girls` College

  • Salduker; Samira

Elkanah House

  • Carmichael; Emily Jayne

Generation Schools Somerset West

  • Gelderblom; Natalie Jeanne


  • Naidoo; Sayuri

Hatfield Christian School

  • Van Niekerk; Chloë Roque

Hatfield Christian School – Online Centre

  • Griffin; Luke Asher

Helpmekaar Kollege

  • Portwig; Jessica Maria
  • Berkenbosch; Neale
  • De Jager; Karla Nadia
  • Steyn; Anja
  • Van Der Walt; Helene

Heronbridge College

  • Campbell; Daniel Andrew

Hilton College

  • Dorward; Murray Peter Douglas
  • Notshe; Hlumelo

Holy Rosary School

  • De Castro; Simone
  • Laros; Courtney Jade
  • Loo; Kristen Anne

Kearsney College

  • Strauss; Matthew Daniel

King David High School; Linksfield

  • Class; Daniel

King David High School; Victory Park

  • Israelsohn; Judd Nicholas Richman

Kingsmead College

  • Lipchin; Alexa Rae

Maragon Mooikloof Private School

  • Steyn; Nadine
  • Venter; Lize

Maris Stella School

  • Sooklal; Shriyaa

Merrifield Preparatory School & College

  • Mccausland; Sarah Marianne

Midstream College

  • Jooste; Mishke
  • Pieterse; Ryno

Oakhill School

  • Amoils; Shannon Georgia

Reddam House College; Bedfordview

  • Mc Alpine; Kimberly Sarah

Reddam House College; Constantia

  • Lichtenberg; Maria Elizabeth
  • Moore; Leah Hannah Carrapichano

Redhill School

  • Buckland; Anna Serena
  • Espinoza; Sarah Ashley
  • Mitha; Muhammad

Ridgeway College

  • Chhaya; Ayesha

Roedean School (Sa)

  • Choonara; Husnaa

Saheti School

  • Georgiades; George

Somerset College

  • Bihl; Stephanie Kay
  • Van Druten; Jonathan Paul
  • Michael; Nalen

St Albans College

  • Teixeira; Tiago Antonio

St Andrews School For Girls; Senderwood

  • Padiachy; Gabrielle

St Anne`s Diocesan College

  • Church; Sarah May

St Cyprian’s School

  • Stevens; Romy Helena

St David’s Marist Inanda

  • Carr; Nicholas John
  • Lawson; Luke William

St Dunstan’s College

  • Park; Jae Eun

St John’s College

  • Qu; Andi

St John’s Diocesan School For Girls

  • Madondo; Aphiwe

St Mary’s Dsg; Kloof

  • Smith; Clarice
  • Mcloughlin; Kyla Jane
  • Thomson; Jessica Lynne

St Mary’s School For Girls

  • Voigt; Simone
  • Craig; Emma Caitlin
  • Pournara; Kate Margaret

St Peter’s College

  • Matheri; Gathuku

St Stithians Girls` College

  • James; Jessica Anne
  • Kawelenga; Rutendo Ruth

Stanfordlake College

  • Altenroxel; Danica Tarryn
  • Rhemtula; Faaria

The King’s School West Rand

  • Forgey; Mia

Trinityhouse High School; Randpark Ridge

  • Dinwoodie; Ryan
  • Feldman; Jarred Kyle

Uplands College

  • Ferguson; Ceilidh Jessica

Woodhill College

  • De Klerk; Cathrine
  • Van Zyl; Rachel Neleah

Students Who Achieved the Top 5% in 5 Subjects and a Rating of Level 7 in Life Orientation

Congratulations to these top achievers: 

Beaulieu College

  • Bruggink; Jared

Cbc St Aquinas; Boksburg

  • Arsalides; Angelos

Cedar House

  • Janisch; Erin
  • Kingma; Alice Dharma

Cornwall Hill College

  • Andrews; Matthew Haines
  • Vlahos; Tatiana Christina

Crawford College; La Lucia

  • Allen; Ryan Peter

Crawford College; Lonehill

  • Rushton; Gemma Caitlin

Crawford College; Sandton

  • Hatzipanis; Konstantinos Ioannis
  • Naeem; Qaylah
  • Smith; Jade

Curro Hillcrest High School

  • Howes; Kaitlin Renee
  • Mcgaw; Megan Gail

Curro Langebaan Independent School

  • Schulze; Anja Sophia

Curro Private School; Hazeldean College

  • Kotze; Michael Henri

De La Salle Holy Cross College; Victory Park

  • Manferdini; Olivia Melina

Durban Girls` College

  • Erskine; Gemma Lynne
  • Munks; Holly Frances
  • Woodroffe; Jena


  • Van Deventer; Chloé Tamrin

Elkanah House

  • De Sousa; Suzanna Marie

Hatfield Christian School

  • Noviskie; Charis Alexandria

Helpmekaar Kollege

  • Pistorius; Anja
  • Raath; Nathan
  • Wilson; Shaun

Heronbridge College

  • Copeland; Sarah Michelle
  • Kleynhans; Keagan Peter

Hilton College

  • Mcunu; Avumile Ethan

Kearsney College

  • Bolton; Matthew Gavin
  • Shiller; Luke Michael

King David High School; Linksfield

  • Kahn; Tyla Demi
  • Hirschowitz; Gabriel

King David High School; Victory Park

  • Butkow; Brent Tzvi
  • Cohen; Danit Mia
  • Kollenberg; Jonah
  • Krawitz; Tzipora
  • Utian; Jonathan David

Kingsmead College

  • Batohi; Meghna
  • Beart; Georgina
  • Aliber; Talia Zara

Maragon Mooikloof Private School

  • Van Zyl; Lynelle


  • Chikwanda; Tapiwa Henry
  • Naidoo; Tristan Donovan

Midstream College

  • Koch; Lené
  • Malan; Ingemari
  • Van Der Berg; Wynand Van Zyl
  • Van Zyl; Ruelé
  • Yssel; Xuan

Reddam House College; Constantia

  • Lyne; Nicole Jane

Reddam House College; Waterfall Estate

  • Van Dyk; Katja

Reddford House Northcliff

  • Thompson; Amanda Rebekah

Redhill School

  • Muller; Gemma Leigh

Richards Bay Christian School

  • Weyermüller; Jaron

Roedean School (Sa)

  • Wrigley; Alexandra Claire

Saheti School

  • Mthethwa; Sinazo Simvuyele

Somerset College

  • Anderson; Emma Jane
  • Nauta; Tiana Valerie

Southdowns College

  • Retief; Neil

St Alban’s College

  • Bülbring; Jamie
  • Von Broembsen; Connor Otto

St Andrew’s School For Girls; Senderwood

  • Cockbain; Emma-nicole
  • Wen; Carina Chung-yu
  • Wensley; Georgia Zoë

St Anne’s Diocesan College

  • Stern; Natasha

St Benedict’s College

  • Oosthuizen; Matt Niel

St Cyprian’s School

  • Daniel; Anna Courtney
  • Mackenzie; Rose
  • Tedder; Tristen Daniela

St Dominics; Newcastle

  • Siddique; Malaaika Irfan

St John’s College

  • Prior; Kei
  • Quiding; Cameron James
  • Kruger; Gustav Herbert Bingle
  • Williamson; Taylor Reece

St John`s Diocesan School For Girls

  • Dube; Ntando Nkanyezi
  • Kuhn; Theresa Amicie Ellen

St Mary`s Dsg; Kloof

  • Coombe; Zoe Mbali
  • Dunbar; Jamie
  • Swainston Harrison; Alanna

St Mary`s School For Girls

  • Henry; Hannah Angela
  • Roberg; Catherine Yvonne

St Stithians Boys` College

  • Du Randt; Rhys Benjamin
  • Sithole; Lesego

St Stithians Girls` College

  • Orsmond; Tayla Kate

St Teresa`s School

  • Janse Van Rensburg; Ami

The King’s College And Preparatory School

  • Hlabangana; Sibusisiwe Hope

The Wykeham Collegiate

  • Bennett; Ashley Hayley
  • Essa; Tahiya
  • Packham; Kerstin Katrin
  • Van Niekerk; Clarice

Thomas More College

  • Lee; Lola Mariella

Windhoek Afrikaanse Privaatskool

  • Boshoff; Christo

Yeshiva College Of South-Africa

  • Swartz; Benjamin Levi

Author: Morné van Emmenis