How Are Adult Matric Exam Papers Marked?

Adult Matric exam papers are marked the exact same way that traditional Matric exam papers are marked. Here is the process that is used to mark the exam papers:

  • The appropriate markers are selected
  • Selection is made six months before the time
  • Appropriate background checks
  • Standards should be met
  • Competency tests are done
  • Senior markers are appointed
  • Standardisation meeting
  • Umalusi will approve the publication of the results
  • The school will collect the marks from the district offices
  • School officials will check the results and check for errors
  • Candidates receive their results

The Appropriate Markers Are Selected

This is the most important process. We want the best markers to be selected, to provide fair marking. Here are the criteria for the markers:

  • The markers must teach the relevant subject in Grade 12
  • All markers should have formal training on the subject 
  • Markers Are Required To Be Formally Trained On The Subject


The Markers Must Teach The Relevant Subject In Grade 12

If you are marking Mathematics you should be teaching the subject. This proves that you have the relevant knowledge of the subject. It also means that as a marker you can make sense of why the student answers in a particular manner.


Markers Are Required To Be Formally Trained On The Subject

This means that you must have a university Degree. You cannot apply to be a marker if you do not have the necessary qualifications. This is usually a Teaching Qualification that takes about 4 years to complete.


Markers Must Have The Relevant Amount Of Teaching Training

  • The minimum amount of training required is five years of teaching experience. Out of the five years, you must have taught the subject for two years. 
  • For example, if you are applying to mark Mathematics. You can become a marker if you have been teaching Technology for three years and Mathematics for two years.

Selection Is Made 6 Months Before The Time

The selection is made 6 months before the time, in order to determine if the markers meet the criteria. It is the responsibility of the head of the assessment body to select the markers. They will determine whether the markers are fit and give the final approval.


Appropriate Background Checks

All background checks will be made. The marker’s credentials, as well as their police record, will be checked. 

The marker has to declare whether or not they have a family member sitting for the exam in the year they get appointed to mark. 

Once this has been done, the marker will still be allowed to mark, but not the paper that the family member is writing.


Competency Tests Are Done

This is to ensure that all measures have been put in place to protect the integrity of the exams. Here some of the strict measures that are put into place:

  1. Markers are tested to see if they are both competent and experienced in the subjects that they are marking. This is done through the Department of Basic Education. It is called a Competency Testing Programme.
  2. These tests are done on 7 subjects which are as follows:

Standards Should Be Met

For the best quality and for standards to be met, a certain percentage of the exam papers will be moderated by senior markers. 


Senior Markers Appointed

The senior markers are appointed separately from the regular markers, with the same if not higher expectations.

Once the standards of the exam papers have been met and the final checks have been made, the marks are uploaded onto the national database.


Standardisation Meeting

This is a meeting that the different members of the Department of Basic Education have yearly. In this meeting, they will discuss the marks for the different subjects. These marks will be standardised and approved by Umalusi.

Umalusi Will Approve The Publication Of The Results

The standardised marks will then be uploaded to the national database. After this information is checked and verified, Umalusi will decide whether it should be published.


The Schools Will Collect The Marks From The District Office

Each province will check the results before they are released to the public. The results are usually released before the end of December, but this can vary depending on how long the process takes. The schools will then collect the results on the morning of the release date. 

For the Senior Certificate (Amended), students will only receive their results on the Department of Basic Education website. The district office OR the location where they have completed the exam.


School Officials Will Check The Results And Check For Errors

Before the school officials announce that the results are available to the students, they have to check the results and see if there are any errors.


Students Will Receive Their Results

After the school officials have checked for any errors, students can collect their results. The school will inform the students when they can collect the results. 

Remember that students will first receive their “statement of results” and should check if there are any mistakes made on the statement of results such as:

  • ID number
  • Name and Surname
  • Sex 
  • Results etc

Students in High School can contact the school directly to ask about the changes that need to be made. The school will contact the Department of Basic Education directly.

With the Adult Matric course, you have to contact the Department of Basic Education directly.


How Is My Adult Matric Year Mark Calculated?

Your Adult Matric mark is calculated by ONLY looking at your exam mark. You will not receive a class mark. This only happens when you are completing your Matric at school.

It means that you can get the best out of your marks. Your class marks will not bring down your final exam mark when you have completed an Adult Matric course.


Watch Jan Badenhorst, Principal Of Matric College, Talk About Our Adult Matric Course

Can I Pass Adult Matric With 5 Subjects?

Yes, you can pass Adult Matric with 5 subjects. Here are the minimum requirements to pass Adult Matric:

  • You have to pass at least 3 subjects with a minimum of 40%. Your Home Language should be 1 of these 3 subjects
  • You have to pass at least 2 subjects with a minimum of 30%. Your Home Language OR First Additional Language should be 1 of these 2 subjects.
  • You can fail one subject. This subject should have a minimum percentage of 20%.

With a school Matric Certificate, you have to pass with a minimum of 6 subjects. Here are the minimum requirements to pass school Matric.

  • You have to get an average of 33.3% 
  • You have to get 40% for your Home Language 
  • You have to get 40% for two other subjects
  • You can fail 1 subject even if it is your First Additional Language BUT you have to get 30% or more for your other 6 subjects

Can I Fail One Subject In The Adult Matric Exams?

Yes, you can fail one subject in the adult exams BUT it cannot be less than 20%. You only need to pass 5 subjects out of the 6 subjects.

What Are The Adult Matric Symbols?

The Adult Matric symbols are determined by the different levels or codes. The level system works as follows:

Level 1: 0-29% (Failed: Not achieved)

Level 2: 30-39% (Elementary achievement)

Level 3: 40-49% (Adequate achievement)

Level 4: 50-59% (Moderate achievement)

Level 5: 60-69% (Substantial achievement)

Level 6: 70-79% (Meritorious achievement)

Level 7: 80-89% (Outstanding achievement)

These levels will determine the symbol you will achieve at the end of the year. If you receive a level 7 for most of your courses, you will achieve a Bachelor’s Degree Pass/Symbol. Take a look at the different matric symbols:

Bachelor’s Pass

With this pass, you can apply to a university and complete a Degree Course. Remember that it depends on the university’s requirements and the course requirements. Research the university and the course before you apply.

What Does My Marks Look Like?
  • 40% for your Home Language
  • 50% in two subjects
  • 30% in one other subject

Diploma Pass

With this pass, you can apply for a Diploma or Higher certificate at a university. You can also complete certificate courses OR short courses. Research the institution before you apply because each institution has its own entry requirements.

What Does My Marks Look Like?
  • 40% for your Home Language
  • 40% for four other High Credit subjects
  • 30% for one other subject

Higher Certificate Pass

With this pass, you can apply for Higher Certificate courses, certificate courses and short courses. Remember to research the college that you choose to apply to. Each college has its own requirements.

What Does My Marks Look Like?
  • 40% for your Home Language
  • 40% in two other subjects
  • 30% in two other subjects
  • You must have English or Afrikaans as one of your languages to get this pass level/symbol

Senior Certificate (Amended) Pass

With this pass, you can only complete certificate courses and short courses at certain institutions.

What Does My Marks Look Like?
  • 40% for your Home Language
  • 40% for two other languages
  • You must get an average of 33.3% for all of your subjects
  • You can fail at least one subject even if it is your First Additional Language BUT you must meet the above requirements.

 At Matric College you can complete any course with this pass level. You can even improve your marks with Matric College Matric Upgrade course.

These are the courses that Matric College offer:

What Is A Good APS Score?

A good APS Score is determined by the university or college you wish to attend as well as the type, of course, you would like to do.

If you want to complete a Bachelor’s Degree course at university, the minimum requirement usually is a Bachelor’s Degree pass. This does not mean that you will get accepted for a particular course, each course has its separate entry requirements.

For example, you will get accepted at a university because you meet their entry requirements BUT you might not meet the entry requirements for their Psychology course because you have received 40% for English.

What Is The Lowest APS Score?

The lowest APS score is 12. This is the APS score for the lowest pass level. The lowest pass level is a Senior Certificate (Amended) pass OR a National Senior Certificate pass.

How Is My Traditional Matric Year Mark Calculated?

With a traditional matric, your class marks and final exam marks will count towards your final mark. 25% consists of internal school-based assessments (SBA) AND 75% will consist of external examinations. The 25% SBA consists of:

  • Assignments
  • Class tests
  • June examinations
  • Oral presentations
  • Trial examination (preparatory/preliminary exams)

Can I Pass Traditional Matric With 6 Subjects?

Yes, you can pass your “traditional Matric” with 6 subjects BUT there are conditions. Here is what you need to look out for:

  • You must pass your Home Language with at least 40%.
  • You must achieve 40% in two other subjects
  • You must have 30% or more for the rest of your subjects
  • Your average should be 33.3%
  • You can fail 1 subject, even if it is your First Additional Language

Can I Fail A Subject In Traditional Matric And Pass With A Bachelor’s Degree Pass?

Yes, you can fail a subject in “traditional matric” and pass with a Bachelor’s Degree. It is only possible if you pass 5 other subjects with 50% and above. Find below an example of a student who received a Bachelor’s Degree pass with BUT failed Mathematics. The failed mark will NOT be indicated BUT the following symbol (*) indicates that you have failed a subject.

Amended Senior Certificate

What Is Adult Matric?

Adult Matric is a course for students who have not completed their Matric. This gives adult students the opportunity to further their students at university.

Matric College offers courses students can do to complete their Matric as adults, improve their Matric results as adults and even further their studies.

What Are The Entry Requirements For An Adult Matric?

The entry requirements for Adult Matric are as follows:

How Long Does It Take To Study An Adult Matric Course?

This depends on the type of learning you are doing. Here are a few things to look at if you are planning on completing an Adult Matric course:

  • What are my personal goals?
  • What personal responsibilities do I have?
  • Why do I want to complete this course?

At Matric College students choose how long they want to complete their Adult Matric course. Here is how long students generally take to complete the course:

  • One year
  • Two years
  • Three years


Is An Amended Senior Certificate The Same As A National Senior Certificate?

Yes, a Senior Certificate (Amended) is the same as a National Senior Certificate. Both of these certificates are awarded by Umalusi. Umalusi is responsible for the quality assurance of all “Matric related” certificates. They are also both on the same NQF Level which is an NQF Level 4. Here are the certificates accredited by Umalusi:

Amended Senior Certificate

Where Can I Apply For An Adult Matric Course?

You can apply for an Adult Matric course at Matric College. They offer this course through distance learning. This means you can work and study at the same time.

How Are Matric Results Combined?

This depends on the types of certificates you are combining. If you have recently written your Matric and applied for the supplementary immediately after you received your Matric results, then your marks will be combined automatically. 

If you have received a Matric Certificate from school and improved your Matric results as an adult then you have to combine your results through the Department of Basic Education.

How Do I Combine My Matric Results After Upgrading?

You can apply at the Department of Basic Education to combine your Matric results after you have upgraded your Matric marks. This is called “Replacement of certificate: change of status”.  You can pay the fee at the post office in cash or by cheque. Here are your options:

  • Post your application
  • Go to the nearest DBE (Department of Basic Education) or PED (Provincial Education Department)

Post Your Application

You can download the application form, complete the form and attach it with your certified copy of your ID, all of your results from the previous sittings and proof of payment.

The postal address is: Private Bag X895, Pretoria, 0001

Go To The Nearest DBE (Department of Basic Education) or PED (Provincial Education Department)

You will complete the application form at the department you choose to go to. With this, you also need all of your results from the previous sittings, your original and certified copy of your ID and your proof of payment.

How Much Does It Cost To Combine Matric Results After Upgrade?

It will cost R141.00 to combine your marks. If you are still waiting for your combined marks you can apply for a statement of results which will cost R52.00.

How Long Does Combination Of Matric Results Take?

It takes between 4-6 weeks to combine your Matric results. You can get your statement of results immediately.

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Date Published: February 15, 2022

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